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Provenance Protection 

treasureCRYPT combines custom optical hardware with world leading automatic surface recognition software to rapidly capture images of thousands of unique 3D points on the surface of paper or a painting without any contact. The images are automatically processed, encrypted and then recorded on multiple Blockchains.

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17 July 2018



TreasureCRYPT software combines the images with the internet time and automatically uploads to the blockchain. 


Each camera has a unique electronic signature and is stamped to the blockchain.


Scan the item in 2 minutes with the treasureCRYPT camera.


The system still works if treasureCRYPT and  the auction house all vanish.

It works as long as the internet is still functional. Since the images are stored in an uncompressed human readable format, a normal microscope can also be used to examine and match the item to the images.

There are multiple competing blockchains, and treasureCRYPT utilizes several of them simultaneously. If some were to vanish, the data is still safely stored on the remaining and future blockchains.


1) Customer purchases an item and opts to protect provenance forever with treasureCRYPT for a small additional fee.

2) The item is scanned and recorded to the blockchain before it leaves the auction house.

3) The customer picks up the item.

4) If the customer wishes to sell the item, it is sent back to an auction house and authenticated with treasureCRYPT.

5) It is highly probable the customer receives a much higher sale price as provenance is established.

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